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Holiday Greetings!

If you like genuine brand name air filters, we are the company that has them. We have all the brands. Use discount code "Holiday" for brand name or aftermarket air filters at

I like the saying, "There but for the grace of God, go I". Some of us are fortunate, but this holiday season many homeless people and folks down on their luck, including families with children will not be able to enjoy a warm holiday meal.

Many of our citizens would go hungry
during the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays, if not for the help of caring people all across our great country.

We, at Oxyclean want to help brighten the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays for the less fortunate. For every order we get we are going to donate $2.00 from now until December 20. Every $2.00 = 44 meals for the hungry.

If you order air filters during this time you will be
indirectly donating to feed hungry children and families. But, if you do not need air filters right now or ordered filters and want to donate directly, you can help feed the hungry by going to the link below and donating $2.00, $5.00 or whatever.

The aggregate of all individual donations collected will go to The Salvation Army, and Feeding America. If you don't know this, Feeding America uses 98% of all donations for feeding the hungry. For every dollar donated, they give out 22 meals to the hungry. Imagine that!

Thank You!
Christopher Michaels

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  Why Ordering Online Is Better !.....

Sorry, we do not have phone customer service, this is why......

When you order online you will have a written record to refer to in the future, and we will have a written record to refer to in the future. If either of us needs to research something in the future, it will be as easy as doing a search in the email account. Also, no one can ever say that while on the phone you said this, or you said that. It's in writing, as entered by you or us!

IMPORTANT! Ordering online is better and safer than ordering by phone....

When you order by phone, the order-taker will get your credit card number and all other personal information, security code, address, etc.......This is a stranger getting all your information, maybe from another country. How do you know what he or she will do with it ???.... But, when you place your order online, your credit card information goes from your fingers directly into a machine. Once in the machine, no one here or anywhere else can ever see your credit card information.


When you order online, the credit card number is immediately encrypted (turned into gibberish) that only machines can understand. No human eyes will be able to ever see your credit card numbers.

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