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Emerson 500 Humidifier Filter Emerson 500 Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

The BestAir ES2 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.
The Emerson MoistAir 500 Humidifier Filter is a MoistAir 500 filter replacement designed to prolong the life of your humidifier. The MoistAir Filter fits in those Emerson MoistAir Whole House Humidifiers that use a  foam sponge filter belt. This product is also known as the ES2.

Emerson MoistAir 500 Humidifier Filter Specifications:
Dimensions: 18-3/4"L x 1/2"W x 18"H x 14" Diameter

ONLY: $22.56
Emerson MoistAir 850 Humidifier Filter Emerson MoistAir 850 Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

The Emerson MoistAir 850 Filter is no longer available. The BestAir Universal Humidifier Wick Filter Two-Pack is a suitable replacement.
The Emerson MoistAir 850 Humidifier Wick Filter features an antimicrobial agent that prevents surface growth and migration of algae, mold, fungus and bacteria. Also known as part EPT and 850, this Trapmax wick-type filter helps your humidifier operate better by creating humidity.
Emerson MoistAir Humidifier Wick Filter specifications:
Change filter every 30-45 days
Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 3 7/8"

ONLY: $12.02
Emerson Bestair ES12 Humidifier Filter Emerson Bestair ES12 Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

The Emerson ES12 compatible cool mist humidifier wick filter comes in a 4-pack. The BestAir made filter fits the same Emerson, Sears, Kenmore, and other model systems same as the OEM version. The reinforced media offers an extended life and improved efficiency. The aftermarket ES12 filter have also been treated with micro-free antimicrobial treatment to help protect them from overgrowth of mold, fungus, algae, bacteria, and other harmful microbes.
Emerson ES12 Compatible Specifications:
Part Number: ES12
Dimensions: 9-1/4"x6-1/8"x2-3/8"

ONLY: $17.88
Emerson HDC1 Humidifier Filter Emerson HDC1 Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

These Kenmore Emerson ESW-C humidifier filters are compatibles for the Kenmore Emerson HDC-1 Humidifier Filter 2-Pack. These extended life wick filters arrive in a 2 pack and are compatible with the following Emerson MoistAir Humidifiers: HD-07W, HD-07W1, HD-07WI, HD-08WV, HD-08WV0, HD-08W0, HD-08W1, HD-08W, HD-10W, HD-10W2, HD-12WV, HD-12WV0, HD-12W, HD-12W0, HD-12W1, HD-12WU0, HD-12WVOC, HD-13W, HD-14W, HD-15W, HD-6000, HD-60001, HD-60002, HD-8000, HD-8001, HD-50000.
These filters also fit the following Sears Kenmore Humidifiers: 14012, 14160, 14412, 14414, 14420, 29966, 29967, 29968, 29969, 29970, 29971, 29976, 140120, 140130, 140131, 140140, 141060, 141062, 144080, 144100, 144120, 148080, 758.14012, 758.14160, 758.14412, 758.14414, 758.140101, 758.140120, 758.140130, 758.140131, 758.140140, 758.141060, 758.141062, 758.144080, 758.144100, 758.144120, 758.144240, 758.148080, 758.299661, 758.299661C (14000, 14910, 29960, 140000, 32-14910, 32-29960, 42-14000, 42-14010, 42-14910, 42-29960, 03214910000).
With these humidifier wick filters you will see the benefits of durability through reinforced design. In addition, the ESW-C is antimicrobial treated and traps impurities in the water of the humidifier.
Kenmore Emerson HDC-1 Humidifier Filter 2-Pack specifications:
Filter Media: Wick
Filter Life: 6 months
2 pack
Weight: 1.4 lbs.
Dimensions: 11" x 6.25" x 4"

ONLY: $16.49
Emerson HDC12 Humidifier Filter Emerson HDC12 Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

The Emerson HDC-12 is the correct compatible replacement for the following humidifiers:
Emerson HD1200 Console Humidifier
Emerson 1300 Console Humidifier
Emerson 1303 Console Humidifier
Emerson 1305 Console Humidifier
The Emerson HDC-12 Humidifier Wick Filter 4-Pack is chemically treated to help prevent bacteria growth and comes in this convenient money-saving 4-Pack value set. Featuring an exclusive Trapmax Filtration System, this Moistair Wicking Humidifier Filter traps water minerals and dissolved solids before they become airborne. The dimensions of this Emerson Wick Filter measures approximately 6 1/2 inches x 9 inches x 2 1/2 inches.

ONLY: $17.88
Emerson HDC2R Humidifier Filter Emerson HDC2R Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

The Emerson HDC2R compatible humidifier water wick filter is a replacement wick filter for several humidifier models from Essick Air and Sears Kenmore. This two pack of Emerson humidifier filters is treated with an antimicrobial agent and features a bonus air filtration layer for higher efficiency. The Emerson filter is reinforced for longer service life and traps impurities in water.
The Emerson HDC2R is the correct replacement filter for the following humidifier models:
Idylis model: IHUM-10-140
Emerson MoistAIR models: HD-500, HD-6200, HD-7002, HD-7005, HD-70021, HD-70050
Sears Kenmore models: 1442, 14407, 14451, 144070, 144071, 144131, 144510, 758.14451, 758.144070, 758.144071, 758.144131, 758.144510, 758.299772C (14909, 29962, 32-14909, 32-29962, 42-14909, 42-29962, 03214909000)

ONLY: $14.53
Emerson HDC3T Humidifier Filter Emerson HDC3T Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

ESSICK AIR PRODUCTS REPLACEMENT HUMIDIFIER FILTERReplacement moistair wicking humidifier filter Humidifier wick filter. Trapmax filter effectively traps water minerals and dissolved solids before they become airborne or build-up on inside of cabinet. For emerson table top humidifiers HD750 & HD850.

ONLY: $12.02
Emerson HDC411 Humidifier Filter Emerson HDC411 Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

The Emerson HDC-411 R is a compatible replacement filter for the following humidifier models:
All Floor Register Emerson Wick Models
Emerson Humidifier HD2412
Emerson Humidifier HD1205
Emerson Humidifier HD1211
Emerson Humidifier HD12050
Emerson Humidifier HD12110
Emerson Humidifier HD12111
Emerson Humidifier HD24120
Emerson Humidifier HD24121
Emerson Humidifier HD2412-requires 4 filters
Emerson Humidifier HD24120-requires 4 filters
Emerson Humidifier HD24121-requires 4 filters
The Emerson HDC-411 Humidifier Filters 2-Pack is a set of compatible Emerson humidifier filters that fits a variety of humidifier models. The compatible HDC-411 filter arrives in a two pack and includes an antimicrobial agent to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. This humidifier wick filter measures approximately 6 3/8 inches x 11 inches x 2 inches

ONLY: $14.53
Emerson HDF1 Humidifier Filter Emerson HDF1 Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

The Emerson HDF-1 Humidifier Filter Replacement is the correct compatible replacement for the following models of humidifiers:
Emerson HD200
Emerson HD300
Emerson HD400
This humidifier filter measures approximately 5 1/8" x 23 1/2" x 1/2".

ONLY: $12.56
Emerson MA0800 Humidifier Filter Emerson MA0800 Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

TheFiltersFast EF2is the correct replacement cool mist humidifier wick filter that is a money saving alternative to the Emerson MA0800 and MoistAir EF2. The EF2 helps prevent surface growth of bacteria and the release of minerals.

ONLY: $15.50
Emerson MAF1 MostAir Humidifier Filter Emerson MAF1 MostAir Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

This compatible Emerson MAF-1 R is the correct replacement for the following:
Emerson Model MA12010
Emerson Model MA12001
Emerson Model MA09500
Emerson Model MA12000
Emerson Model MA0950
Emerson Model MA1200
Emerson Model MA1201
The Emerson MAF-1 Humidifier Filter Replacement Specifications:
Measures approximately 8 inches x 31 3/4 inches x 1 inch

ONLY: $15.19
Emerson MAF2 Humidifier Filter Emerson MAF2 Humidifier Filter, AfterMarket:

The Emerson MAF2 R replacement humidifier filter features an antimicrobial agent that prevents surface growth and the migration of mold, fungus, algae, and bacteria. The honeycomb construction increases airflow along the filter increasing total humidity output of humidifier systems and air filtration effectiveness.
The Emerson MAF2 R replacement is compatible with the following humidifier models:
MoistAIR models MA0600, MA0601, MA0800 and MA08000
Emerson MAF2 R Replacement Specifications:
Part number: MAF2 R
Assembled Dimensions: 8"x26"x1"

ONLY: $15.50