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I also have a short personal "Privacy Violation" story for you, a bit later.

Here at
Air-Filters-Direct we built a very successful filter business with thousands of customers. How did we do it? Well, it took many ingredients but there are two ingredients I want to tell you about.


We respect your privacy. We do not track your movements on the Internet or spy on the websites you visit, or the stores you go to in your town, or listen to the programs you watch on TV. Our customers know this.

Amazon, Google, Wal-mart and some air filter companies track your every move on the internet and they also track where you physically go in town, like stores, restaurants, doctor's office, and banks you visit....These same big box companies will even eavesdrop on your conversations in your home, car, and even listen-in on your TV programs.
They do this tracking and spying through special software, your smart phone's microphone and through virtual assistants, like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and others.

We respect your privacy. We would rather lose business than violate your PRIVACY.

SECOND: Word-of mouth advertising. Our customers love our personal service and the quality of our filters. They constantly recommend us to their friends because they know they can rely on us to not disappoint them or disappoint their friends.

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Air-Filters-Direct, then I want to ask you for a favor. Please help us with our word-of-mouth advertising by forwarding this newsletter and Discount Code to your friends.

Here is a little personal story.

The other day I went to the Jockey underwear website to look at some t-shirts. For days after visiting the Jockey website, I kept getting Jockey underwear ads and intrusive pop-ups everywhere I went on the internet. I am still getting pop-ups and ads. It has gotten terribly annoying....Has this happened to you?

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